Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stash Overgrowth GIVEAWAY

Crayon CMK 1022 - Cool pink foil
Poison. Remember this one? I told you I had special plans! Swatch
Essence All Access

Winmax 432 - chunky pink/green/gold glitter in a clear base
Alessandro ?? - Rosewood-coloured creme. Reminds me of teddybear fur for some reason...
Sweets Sweets MN13 - Zoya Kotoris brighter cousin
Parado British Martini - olive green shimmer with tiny gold glitter

423956!!, Rosenrot and Paint It Green - you've seen these before as well! Swatches

LA Colors Spiced Cider - rusty red with silver pearly shimmer that is aaalmost borderlining frost
Piggy Polish You're Blue-tiful! - Sheer teal shimmer, really cool for layering
Maybelline Cosmic Queen - Translucent blue-flashing glitter topper, didn't like this lighting at all -.

There we go. Much better.

Canmake 23 - This one's MUCH brighter and yellower in real life, like baby leaves. And it has green, turquoise and yellow glitter in it.
Winmax 169 - Tiny green and black glitter in a clear base. Also yellower in person, what's with my camera and greens today?
La Pensee ?? - Sand colored base packed with gold and silver glitter

AC ??- Sheer bright green shimmer, also cool for layering
AC 58 - black jelly with holo glitter
AC 70 - purple jelly with silver and holo glitter

basic 249 - Mermaidy turquoise shimmer
Luna - Swatch!
Pa A32 - Forest green creme
Pa A19 - In-your-face *bright* firetruck red jelly, NOT a muted orangey coral as this picture suggests. Gosh, my camera must really hate me >.<

Soldier Side - Taupe holo weirdness. Swatch!

There will be two winners. The first gets to choose 12 of the 24 polishes pictured above, the runner-up gets the rest.



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